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Auction House - Items removed from listing
Posted by Frank . on 25/11/16 15:33

Due to the recent issues with the auction house, we have limited the number of items that are allowed to be sold on the auction house for the time being until we can be sure these issues will not reappear.


These items are currently temporary disabled and CAN NOT be sold:


Assault Rifles / Machine Guns:

·         FY-47

·         LMG3



·         FAS-12

·         Richmond 870 RIS


Submachine Guns

·         GU7


Sniper Rifles

·         SVK Jungle

·         TWM

·         RBA SR58 SPR



·         Q-92

·         STCC

·         S18G

·         Shark-443


Melee Weapons

·         Classic Soviet Knife

·         Black Hawk

·         Cleaver

·         Kukri Machete

·         ICE-AXE

·         Jagdkommando


Weapon Skins

·         Python Anubis Skin

·         VIPER Anubis Skin

·         SMG-19 Wisent Anubis Skin

·         FY-103 Anubis Skin

·         Everest Anubis Skin


We will let you know once those items can be sold again, until then we ask for your patience.

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THE CLIMB - low framerate and stuttering
Posted by Henry S. on 15/11/16 14:36

We have received reports that some players experiencing performance issues since the patch 1.2 update.

This is due to the latest Oculus runtime that forces ASW (Asynchronous SpaceWarp).

What happens is that now every time Oculus detects that there is any drop below 90 FPS (eg 89.9 FPS) it slows down to 45 FPS and interpolates.

The issue is not caused by the patch 1.2 update!

Crytek is in contact with Oculus regarding this issue!

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Fake Warface pages offering free Kredits
Posted by Mickael . on 03/11/16 14:52


The following phishing pages are currently online. Their purpose is to steal your account login credentials!

Known Warface phishing pages are:


As soon you log in, you give away your account credentials. Crytek will close all compromised accounts permanently !


Warface is financed through the sale of Kredits ONLY!

Why would we (Crytek) offer free Kredits then ?

Well, we don't! We do not offer free Kredits! There are no such things as free Kredits!


If you get offered free Kredits - don't believe it. The only official site is


If you are concerned about the security of your account, please RESET YOUR PASSWORD

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Warface Halloween Pack on Steam - PLEASE READ !
Posted by Henry S. on 27/10/16 14:46

Warface Halloween Pack / DLC

The new and time limited Warface Halloween DLC offer is available here



  • It’s a time limited offer = only available during HALLOWEEN !

  • That DLC is only given to the 1st realm the player visit after purchasing it.

  • Only ONE of this DLC can be purchased per player.

  • Once the DLC has been assigned to one Realm-Profile, it can't get changed or moved to another Realm!

    • You have profiles setup on NA, EU and TR.
    • You purchase this Halloween DLC
    • You visit your NA profile first (to play on the NA realm)
    • Now you won't be able to use this DLC on your EU or TR profile


There can be a small delay between purchasing the DLC and seeing the items in your Inventory!

Make sure your Steam account is bound to your correct GFACE/Warface account!

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Keeping your Warface account information safe online
Posted by Henry S. on 20/10/16 16:48

Keeping your Warface account information safe online

Recently there have been a number of high profile security breaches where databases of email addresses and passwords have been stolen from online companies.

We have been made aware that individuals have been attempting to gain access to Warface players’ accounts using such stolen information. If you use the same password for your Warface account as with other online accounts, which could have been compromised in a security breach, this could affect you.


To help secure your account, please RESET YOUR PASSWORD


To further prevent accounts being compromised or “phished” we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Use a strong password
  • Do not use the same password as you use for other services
  • Do not share your login information with anyone
  • Do not click links that claim your account may be compromised
  • Whenever you need to log in to Warface, authenticate your account, or perform a transaction, please ensure you are visiting our official site –
  • Always check that when you log in, the web address does not redirect to a non-Crytek site


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