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Posted by Henry S. on 29/06/16 10:14

EasyAntiCheat is HERE!

Please read the Official Announcement here

and the EasyAntiCheat Installation Guide here


1. To install EasyAntiCheat you need local Administrator rights!

2. Error "wrong login or password" after Launcher install: Please restart your PC !


List of EAC white-listed applications (more to follow):

  • Steam Overlay/FPS counter
  • OBS
  • Overwolf


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Warface Auction House - latest NEWS !
Posted by Henry S. on 31/05/16 16:36

Warface Auction House - latest NEWS!

Please read the Producer Letter regarding Auction House issues: here


For any general question regarding Auction House, please refer to our FAQ here:

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WARNING: Fake Warface pages offering free Kredits
Posted by Henry S. on 12/01/16 10:24


From time to time some fake Warface pages pop up on the internet offering free Kredits, VIP, codes, etc.

Most of the time you only have to log in to "claim" your free gifts.


These are phishing pages intended to steal your account!

Actural Warface phishing pages are:


As soon you log in, you give away your account credentials. Crytek will close all compromised accounts permanently ! is the ONLY official Warface page!

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