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Warface - "kicked for suspected cheating"
Posted by Henry S. on 18/07/16 16:18

Warface - "kicked for suspected cheating"

Since the introduction of EasyAntiCheat some players have been "Kicked for suspected cheating".

Warface and EasyAntiCheat require both a constant connection between the client and their dedicated server.
If the communication flow is being delayed or interrupted, the server will initiate a disconnect of this client.

What can harm the communication flow?
- general network issues, latency network, "WiFi",
- Antivirus scanner, Overlays, apps running in the background,
- outdated device drivers, general PC performance issues (insufficient RAM, insufficient virtual memory, ...)
- applications not white listed for EAC

For further information regarding "Kicked for suspected cheating" please see the linked document here

PLEASE NOTE: EasyAntiCheat works as designed! Crytek can NOT change the behavior of EasyAntiCheat!




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Ping limitation
Posted by Henry S. on 06/07/16 11:13

Warface update - Ping limitation

Ping limit values:

The Ping limit values vary by game mode and realm, and will be closely monitored by the Warface Producer and team.

What happens if your Ping is beyond the set value:

If a player has a ping higher than a specific figure for a certain amount of seconds, he will now automatically be kicked from the game room.


We might adjust these values in the future to ensure that everyone has the best Warface experience possible.


Important: Customer Support can NOT change these Ping limit values! If you have any concerns regarding the ping limitations, please don't hesitate to address them in the forum.


Please see the general update information on here



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Posted by Henry S. on 29/06/16 10:14

EasyAntiCheat is HERE!

Please read the Official Announcement here

the EasyAntiCheat Installation Guide here

and the Support FAQ here


IMPORTANT - before open a Ticket :

1. To install EasyAntiCheat you need local Administrator rights!

2. Error "wrong login or password" after Launcher install: Please restart your PC !

3. Message "kicked for suspected cheating" : Please see the Support FAQ here

4. Please ensure that TCP ports 80 and 443 are opened on your firewall (broadband router, PC)

5. Please ensure that your antivirus doesn’t block EAC (you can add the EasyAntiCheat.exe application, located in the System32 folder, in your trusted application antivirus list)

6. Please disable the Windows Kernel Driver Test Signing mode, as it is not supported by EAC. To do so, please follow the instruction in this link:

7. Please go to “services” (Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Services, or execute the command services.msc) and to change the startup type to “Automatically”)

8. Please disable all overlays and third party tools - which have not yet been white listed (below) - on your computer while playing Warface.

 List of EAC white-listed applications (more to follow):

  • Steam Overlay/FPS counter
  • OBS
  • Overwolf


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WARNING: Fake Warface pages offering free Kredits
Posted by Henry S. on 12/01/16 10:24


From time to time some fake Warface pages pop up on the internet offering free Kredits, VIP, codes, etc.

Most of the time you only have to log in to "claim" your free gifts.


These are phishing pages intended to steal your account!

Actural Warface phishing pages are:


As soon you log in, you give away your account credentials. Crytek will close all compromised accounts permanently ! is the ONLY official Warface page!

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