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Warface: Servers under maintenance
Posted by Nicolas . on 18/12/14 12:25

Dear Warface Community,


The server maintenance is now over, you can enjoy Warface again!


However, if you have both Regular and Steam launcher installed on your computer, we recommend you to launch Warface through Steam, as the regular launcher might crash.

If you only have one of the launchers installed on your computer (Regular launcher or Steam launcher), then you should be able to launch Warface without any poblems.


Moreover, some users might have received some Weapons or items such as:


Karkom NeoN Punk

Richmond 870 CB NeoN Punk

A3 (mm XS NeoN Punk

Everest NeoN Punk


Soldier of the „Paragon Squad“

Medic of the „Paragon Squad“

Engineer of the „Paragon Squad“

Sniper of the „Paragon Squad“


Red Smoke Grenade

VIP booster

Resurrection Coins


This issue was due to a deployment problem. The weapons and other items will be removed from the users inventory within the next 24 hours.


One more time, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks a lot for your patience!

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Warface: Left Matches Counter goes up in PvP
Posted by Nicolas . on 15/12/14 12:07

Dear Warface community,


Since the last update, the counter of left matches in PvP is glitched.

The counter goes up no matter if the players play the match until the end, or leave it before the end.

We're aware of this issue and our dev team is currently working on it, the problem will be solved in the shortest possible time.


Please, accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

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Warface: Accounts and Login Details
Posted by Nicolas . on 15/12/14 10:34

Dear Warface players,


We would like to remind you that selling, sharing, or trading a Warface account is strictly forbidden in our terms of use.

Please keep in mind that we will not be able to provide any support regarding compromised accounts.

In order to avoid any scam, we recommend you to decline any offers made by players willing to share, trade or sell their accounts.

If such a transaction is brought to our attention, the account will be permanently locked.


Also, we would like to remind you that you’re responsible for your account. For your own safety, we recommend you not to share your login details with anyone.

If another player uses your account and commits any violation of the terms of use, you will be held responsible (i.e.: if someone uses third party programs with your account, the sanctions will be exactly the same as if you used them yourself).

Please keep in mind that any account which is proven guilty of using a third party program will be permanently locked, and that our decision can’t be overturned.


Enjoy your time on Warface!

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Warface: About the cheaters
Posted by Nicolas . on 12/12/14 13:52

Dear Warface community,

Every day, your customer support team investigates suspicious accounts in order to make Warface a fairer place to play.

Thus, last week it's 208 cheaters who have seen their account permanently suspended for using a third party program.

118 of them were cheating on the European server, 74 of them on the Northern American server, and 16 of them on the Turkish server.

We would like to remind every player who decided to cheat, that our decision to suspend their account can't in any case be overturned.

Every account banned due to the use of a 3rd party program will remain forever in the depths of Blackwood's memory.

Enjoy your weekend on Warface!

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Warface: Resurrection Coins Winter Sale
Posted by Nicolas . on 11/12/14 16:51

Dear Warface community,


Winter has become pretty hostile with the arrival of the Siberian mission.

That's why tomorrow, to help you brave act 1 of Operation Cold Peak, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a Resurrection Coins Winter Sale*.

Indeed, the 5 units pack gets a 10% discount, the 25 units pack a 25% discount and the 100 units pack a whopping 50% discount!




5 units

50 K

45 K


25 units

240 K

180 K


100 units

900 K

450 K


*Sale does not apply to resurrection coins bought during a Game Session.

EU: Friday December 12th 6AM CET - Saturday December 13th 6AM CET
NA: Friday December 12th 6AM EST - Saturday December 13th 6AM EST

Please note, to implement the Resurrection Coin Winter Sale, we'll have a server restart this Friday (Dec. 12th) at 6AM CET for Europe and 6AM EST for North America and this Saturday (Dec. 13th) at 6AM CET for Europe and 6AM EST for North America.



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