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Warface: Double XP Weekend!
Posted by Alex . on 22/01/15 17:34

Dear Warface community,


From Friday until Monday, everyone will have the opportunity to earn 100% extra XP, 75% extra Vendor Points and 50% extra Warface Dollars on all maps!

The Double XP, extra Vendor Points and extra Warface Dollars will stack with your boosters.



EU & TR Server: Friday January 23rd 6PM CET – Monday January 26th 6AM CET

NA Server: Friday January 23rd 6PM EST – Monday January 26th 6AM EST

Please note the different start/end times for EU/TR and NA servers.

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Warface: About the cheaters
Posted by Nicolas . on 13/01/15 14:54

Dear Warface community,

Every day, your customer support team investigates suspicious accounts in order to make Warface a fairer place to play.

Thus, last week, 556 cheaters have seen their account permanently suspended for using a third party program.

422 of them were cheating on the European server, 118 of them on the Northern American server, and 16 of them on the Turkish server.

We would like to remind every player who decided to cheat, that our decision to suspend their account can't be overturned in any case.

Every account banned due to the use of a 3rd party program will remain forever in the depths of Blackwood's memory.

Enjoy your time on Warface!

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Warface: Fraud attempts
Posted by Nicolas . on 07/01/15 14:55

Dear Warface Community,


It has been brought to our attention that some players are trying to steal Warface accounts by promising free Kredits or free rare weapons.

These dishonnest players will ask you to fill a form on a website, asking for personal information such as your email address, password and telephon number.

Such "offers" are systematically scams, for Crytek's staff would never ask you for these information.

Please, be very careful if you encounter such players and send us a ticket with the name of the player and the time frame if possible.


Thank you.

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Warface: About the support during Christmas holidays
Posted by Nicolas . on 23/12/14 14:42

Dear Warface Community,


We want to bring to your attention that during the Christmas holidays, the Customer Support Team will be less available than usual.

Nonetheless, rest assured that we'll keep answering your questions and resolving your issues in the shortest possible time.


Unfortunately, we won't be able to provide support in Polish for the next two weeks.

Of course, we'll be happy to provide our Polish speaking players with support in English (or any other language supported by our team).


We wish you all a great time until the end of this year, and hope to see you on the battlefield in a great shape in 2015!

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Warface: Linking Steam and Warface Accounts
Posted by Nicolas . on 22/12/14 12:13

Dear players,


In order to bind your Steam account to your GFACE account properly, please follow the steps described below:

1. Log in with your personal Steam account (VERY IMPORTANT)

2. Launch Warface.

3. Log in with your personal GFACE credentials (VERY IMPORTANT)

4. Click "Yes – bind accounts" to proceed.

5. If you are logged into Steam or Warface with an account which isn't yours, please click "No – do not bind". You will be sent back to the Warface login screen.


  • Please, be aware that only one GFACE account can be bound to a STEAM account.
  • Once a GFACE account has been bound to a Steam account it will not be possible to revert the process. Therefore, please be very careful when linking your accounts.
  • Linking a GFACE account is necessary to play Warface through Steam. It is possible to play with other GFACE accounts on the same Steam account by logging out from the Warface Launcher and logging in with a secondary GFACE account. However, this second account or any further accounts cannot be bound to the same STEAM account, purchases can be made (in game for Kredits) but DLC would not be received..
  • Also, note that you can bind GFACE and STEAM accounts even if the email addresses are different.
  • Once the two accounts are bound, you will always be automatically logged into the chosen Warface account.
  • Binding your account is necessary to receive the items provided in the DLC's.


English version:

German version:

French version:

Polish Version:

Turkish version:


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